Blogging is the making of a series of posts, and it can be done by either one or more people called bloggers. The posts that bloggers make are made to appear in a way that the most recent posts appear at the top.

The main reason for writing and posting blogs is to market something.


It focuses on a specific and targeted need of the audience that is viewing the blog.

A blog can contain answers to information that the audience might have questions about. It can also be a piece of advice to the audience.

Blogging is so serious that about 70 million posts are published by users of WordPress every month. Those who read blogs generate about 77 million blog comments every month.

On average, it takes approximately 3 ½ hours to write a blog.

The History of Blogging

“Blog” is a short form of the term “weblog” that was coined in December, 1997 by Jorn Barger.

The blogging idea was novel but simple. Jorn developed a page and linked it to various pages and posts, including Robot Wisdom. His posts appeared at the top of the page each time he published a new post. Older posts moved down.

He used the platform to express his interests to the rest of the world to embrace, understand, and accept them. Jorn made his first post in 1995 and continued to do so for a decade. Robot Wisdom altered how communication occurred worldwide.

He collected interesting things from around the world and wrote about them to share on the page. He also linked interesting content to his weblog. He named the whole idea “logging the web,” making Robot Wisdom the first weblog. It became Robot Wisdom Weblog, created in 1997.

The weblog grew in popularity and in 1999. It features various modern blogging elements, hence worth checking out as a modern blogger. Jorn became an influential early web icon and pioneer of blogging. He made an important mark in the history of blogging.

In either April or May 1999, Peter Merholz, in his blog, Peterme.com, jokingly derived the phrase “we blog” from the original term, “weblog.”

Some few moments later, Evan Williams used the word “blog’ as both a noun and a verb. He defined “to blog” as editing a person’s weblog or posting a weblog. He is the one who devised the term “blogger,” and since then, the terms have been popular.

Before the popularity of blogging, several digital communities were in many forms. The first commercial blog was on the earliest business to the consumer web site. This web site was created by Ty, Inc. in 1995, and it had a section named “Online Diary” that featured a blog.

The Online Diary was the basis for the evolvement of the modern blog. People kept a running account of their personal life events on the Online Diary.

Another blog that emerged during the early times was Wearable Wireless Webcam. This was another online diary that had people’s personal life experiences.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has many benefits. Some of these are:

  • By blogging, you can make a difference – you can create awareness and get support from those who agree with your thoughts.
  • It gives you the platform to share any knowledge that you have – you can educate others through your blogs if you love teaching, and you have the expertise and experience to share.
  • Using blogs, you can share the things you are passionate about, thus giving you the chance to express yourself – blogs often serve as platforms where people can voice their thoughts and opinions. You can share what you think about any topic you like. You get the chance to network with other people who think like you.
  • You can generate money from blogging – as you become experienced, you discover other niches that you can write about and earn money online. You get to learn and practice appropriate and effective marketing strategies.
  • Blogging helps you to sharpen your writing skills – as you write, you get better at it. When writing, you will have to analyze your works, giving you the opportunity to perfect yourself.


Blog posts are one of the most shared online content, and they are rated at number 5 for accuracy in delivering online information.

About 60% of people buy items after reading a posted blog about the item. Blogging promotes business as it is a good way of marketing your items.